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Billy McFadzean CSNU           

Billy has been aware of Spirit since childhood, but, it wasn't until he was in his twenties and his Grandfather passed, that he started to take his work for the Spirit World seriously.

It was a natural step for Billy to develop as a Medium and to work for the Spirit World.

He started to attend weekly development classes in Ayr and continued to develop in various Churches and Centre throughout the UK over many years.

Billy further developed his skills at The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted and has gained experience by working some of the best platforms in the UK and Europe.

Billy is an accomplished Demonstrator and Teacher, and, now works throughout the UK and Abroad to prove Continuity of Life.

His Demonstrations can have you in tears one minute and howling with laughter the next.

He has a natural ability to blend with the Spirit World and interact with an audience at the same time.

Billy is a Platform Accredited Speaker and Demonstrator, as well as a Certificate holder of the Spiritualist's National Union.


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"Billy's down to earth approach and humour opened up a whole new world for me. His accuracy gave me confidence and optimism about life."

T.Reid, Ayr


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